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Secondary opinions and consultations are provided on multiple modalities including X-ray and advanced imaging. Digital images are read using a HIPAA compliant, FDA-cleared, cloud-based DICOM/PACS system on a VPN. This allows any doctor to safely and securely send images from their office.

Reports are medically encrypted and sent in PDF format so they can easily be transferred into patients electronic records.

To have your CR or DR x-ray system set-up to transfer digital images it is as easy as a 10 minute phone call. During this time you will be walked-through how to send a case from your computer. Once established, there is no limit to how many images can be digitally sent. There is a one-time charge of $100 for the initial set-up and $20 per month to keep the account active.
Technical support is included. 

​DACBR Services

All reports and interpretations are completed expeditiously. If significant pathology is found, the doctor is notified immediately, and phone consultations are available.